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About Us

Aquarius Pools, Inc specializes in in-ground swimming pools. We are a father and son family run business, with over 20 years of experience working on in-ground cement pools in the Chicago-land area for two of the largest builders. We're proficient at all areas of in-ground pool maintenance and repairs. With a keen eye for detail we offer personalized service that you can rely on. We treat each pool as if it were our own. We believe pools are meant to be for your relaxation, let us take care of the hard work.

Customized Pool Design

Our Services


Pool Opening/Start up

We offer many different opening and start up options to cater to your needs specifically.

Basic opening: If you choose to remove your own cover or use the auto cover during the winter months. We will come out remove the winterizing plugs, install pool equipment, start the pumps, and inspect for issues. (Auto cover fabric and box cleaning is available for an additional charge.)

Mesh or solid cover deluxe opening: In our deluxe package, in addition to the basic, we will remove and sanitize the winter cover, vacuum the pool to waste and pressure wash the pool deck and equipment pad. 

Drain and clean opening: With this package we drain the pool completely, pressure wash the pool and perform a light acid wash. We'll return when the pool is refilled to start and inspect the equipment.

All openings have an optional start-up chemical package we can add to help your water get ready for the season.

*Our pricing is based upon the gallon-age of the pool, give us a call 630-448-0896 to learn more.


Pool Closing

Water level will be pumped down to winterizing level if necessary.

Anchors will be raised, handrails and diving boards will be removed and stored in customer's storage area. All pool lines will be winterized and plugged.

Pool will be chemically treated, netted, vacuumed, and filters will be cleaned. Winter cover will be installed.


Weekly Vacuum Service & Chemical Balance

  • Clean pool tile, brush walls of pool.​

  • Vacuum bottom of pool.​

  • Net the top of pool.​

  • Clear leaves and debris from automatic cleaner, skimmer baskets, and pumps.​

  • Clean or backwash filtration system.​

  • Inspect pad for leaks and problems.​

  • Test and balance pool chemicals, chemicals are stocked and supplied as needed.


Additional Services offered

  • Pool inspections​

  • Chemical testing

  • Heater repair or replacement

  • Leak detection

  • Auto cover maintenance

  • Filters, pumps, salt system installs

  • Automation control

  • Pool light repair and replacement

  • Diving board and handrail installation

  • Chlorinator installation

  • Automatic cleaners

  • PVC plumbing

  • Stain removal

  • Pressure cleaning

  • Deck jets, laminars, auto-fills

  • Electronic valving

  • Vinyl liner replacement

  • Tile repair

  • Plaster resurfacing


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